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Revised Numbers and Rates of Teen Births and Pregnancies for 1997-1999 The numbers and rates of Arizona's teen births and pregnancies for 1997-1999 were revised in May 2001 and differ from those previously published (see attached tables). The determination of teenage motherhood is based on mother's age at her last birthday. Since mother's age is not reported on the birth certificate, it had been computer-generated from the mother's date of birth and child's date of birth by the Information Technology developers of ADHS birth certificate databases. Our re-examination proved that some of the births in 1997-1999 were misallocated into the next highest mother's age category rather than into the next lowest (a mother who is 19 years and 8 months old is still 19 - not 20 - years old at the time of her child's birth). The revision reflects correction for undercounting of births to teens. Beginning in January 2000, mother's age is no longer a computer-generated field in the birth database. The user calculates it. The following data tables are available in the Appendix:

A Teen births by race/ethnicity

B Teen birth rates by race/ethnicity

C Teen births by county of residence

D Teen birth rates by county of residence

E Teen pregnancies by race/ethnicity

F Teen pregnancy rates by race/ethnicity

G Teen pregnancies by county of residence

H Teen pregnancy rates by county of residence


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