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Advance vital statistics by county of residence, Arizona, 2000


This report provides readers with the statewide and county-level vital statistics information for 2000. It is provided in advance of the publication of "Arizona Health Status and Vital Statistics, 2000". The latter, complete yearly report will be available towards the end of 2001.

The source documents for the data presented in this report are 2000 vital records: certificates of live births, certificates of deaths and fetal death certificates filed with the Arizona Department of Health Services before May 1, 2001. Information on abortions is compiled from reports sent by providers within the state. The counts of marriages and dissolutions of marriage are reported monthly by the Clerk of the Superior Court of each county in which the marriage or dissolution of marriage occurred.

The first part of this report presents a summary of pregnancies by pregnancy outcome, births and deaths, spontaneous and induced terminations of pregnancy, marriages and marriage dissolutions for the state and by county in 2000.

The second part focuses on selected demographic and prenatal care characteristics of the women giving birth (age group, marital status, trimester of entry into prenatal care, party paying for the delivery, number of prenatal visits) and the incidence of low-birthweight.

The third part addresses cause-specific and age-specific mortality by county, urban/rural region and ethnic group in 2000.

The fourth part of the report provides population denominators for 2000 by age group and county of residence. The U.S. Census Bureau has not yet released population data by gender and age for Arizona for the year 2000.

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