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Selected Characteristics of Newborns and Mothers by Community
Total births
Mother 19 or younger
Prenatal care in the first trimester
No prenatal care
Public payer for birth
LBW newborns
Unwed mother

Births by Mother's Race/Ethnicity and Community

Births by Mother's Age Group and Community

Payee for Births by Community

Number of Deaths by Age Group and Community

Number of Deaths by Race/Ethnicity and Community

Number of Deaths from Selected Causes by Community
All causes
Cardiovascular disease
Lung cancer
Breast cancer
Motor vehicle accidents
Assault (homicide)
Intentional self-harm (suicide)

Injury by firearms
(includes accidental discharge of firearms, suicide by firearms, homicide by firearms, legal intervention involving firearm discharge and discharge of firearms, undetermined intent)

Drug-induced deaths
(includes mental and behavioral disorders due to psychoactive substance use, accidental poisoning by and exposure to drugs, suicide by drugs, homicide by drugs; and poisoning by drugs, undetermined intent)

Alcohol-induced deaths
(includes mental and behavioral disorders due to alcohol use, degeneration of nervous system due to alcohol, alcoholic polyneuropathy, alcoholic cardiomyopathy, alcoholic gastritis, alcoholic liver disease, finding of alcohol in blood, accidental poisoning by and exposure to alcohol, intentional self-poisoning by alcohol; poisoning by alcohol, undetermined intent)

This report was prepared and made Web-ready by:
   Nicholas J. Bishop, Ph.D., Arizona Vital Statistician
   Clare Torres, Senior Health Data Analyst
   Sanhita Gupta, Vital Statistics Health Management Analyst

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