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Comparison of Selected Characteristics for Arizona, Maricopa County and South Phoenix Area, 2008

Comparison of Selected Characteristics of Newborns and Mothers Giving Birth in South Phoenix Area, 1998 and 2008

  1Age group of mother

  2Marital status of mother
  3Race/ethnicity of mother
  4Paying party for the delivery
  5Early, late or no prenatal care
  6Number of prenatal visits
  7Substance use during pregnancy
  8Person in attendance and place of delivery
  9Weight at birth and gestational age
10Abnormal conditions of the newborn
11Congenital anomalies (birth defects)
12Medical risk factors for pregnancy
13Complications of labor and/or delivery
14Infant deaths by neonatal/postneonatal age group
15Infant deaths by motherís race/ethnic group
16Infant deaths by cause

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  Christopher K. Mrela, Ph.D., Arizona Vital Statistician,
  Clare Torres, Senior Health Data Analyst

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