Population Health and Vital Statistics

Vital Statistics Trends in Arizona


  • Number of Deaths by Year, and County of Residence
  • Death Rates by Year, and County of Residence
  • Resident Deaths by Race/Ethnicity, Gender, Age Group, and County of Residence
  • Trends in Age-adjusted Mortality Rates for All Causes by County of Residence
  • Number of Deaths for the Leading Causes of Mortality by Year
  • Age-adjusted Mortality Rates by Gender, and Year for Selected Leading Causes of Death
  • Age-adjusted Mortality Rates for Selected Causes of Death by Race/Ethnicity, and Gender
  • Number of Deaths for Selected Subcategories of Malignant Neoplasms by Gender, and Year
  • Number of Deaths from Unintentional Injuries In Accidents by Category, and Year
  • Mortality Rates for the Five-Leading Causes of Death Among