Population Health and Vital Statistics

Community Vital Statistics, Arizona, 2013


This publication provides readers with community-level data on live births and deaths in Arizona in 2013. Information on live births and deaths is compiled from the original documents (i.e., certificates of live birth and certificates of death) filed with the Arizona Department of Health Services. The tabulated data include:

The 2011 Community Vital Statistics report was the first report in this series to include cell suppression. To protect the anonymity of the individuals included in this report, cells in tables with five or fewer observations are denoted by an asterisk (*), and cells containing sums based on addends of five or fewer are rounded to the nearest tens-unit and denoted by a dagger (†).

Table of Contents

This report was prepared by: Nicholas J. Bishop, Ph.D., Arizona Vital Statistician
Sanhita Gupta, Vital Statistics Health Management Analyst
Clare Torres, Senior Health Data Analyst